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Also commonly called a floating labyrinth seal. The design principle of the seal is to have a precise control of clearance between the rotating shaft and the inside diameter of the seal ring. In operation, under ideal conditions, there is a pressure differential across the seal with the air side pressure being higher than the oil side. This differential prevents oil leakage and holds the carbon sealing ring against the oil side mating ring, all while the shaft turns freely within the sealing ring.


Controlled clearance seals provide reliable shaft sealing where temperatures, speeds, and limited lubrication prohibit the use of conventional face type seals. This is excellent for sealing gases at cryogenic or hot temperatures. Typically used in centrifugal compressors, gas turbines, and other high speed applications.


Small Compact Size


Long Life

Low Heat

Seal-Centering, Self-Aligning

No Elastomeric Parts

High and Low Temperature Capabilities

High Speed Capabilities

Unlimited Axial Shaft Movement

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